Proxicut System:

№ 1.384(2)
Proxicut Saw Blades

12 pcs.
№ 1.385К(2)
Proxicut Diamond Strips


12 pcs.
№ 1.385С(2)
Proxicut Diamond Strips


12 pcs.
№ 1.385М(2)
Proxicut Diamond Strips


12 pcs.
№ 1.369
Do-All Proxicut Holder № 1.369 with Key № 1.369К

1 pc.

It is recommended to use do-all proxicut holder with handle № 1.109. Holes in the handle allow to install holder in various positions.
Number for ordering № 1.369 + № 1.109.

Variants of holder position in the handle:


№ 1.389
Proxicut Holder

1 pc.


Operating with proxicut system:

Insert holder finger into the hole of blade № 1.384 (or strips № 1.385) and bend blade (strip) around both holder arms.
Insert the opposite holder finger into the second hole of the blade (strip) and tighten up the blade (strip) by rotating screw handle of the holder.
Remove excess filling material by rocking motion of the blade (strip) within inter-proximal space.




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