Golden Pharm History

Dr Mohammed Elbahloul 1982 – 1995

Dr Mohammed Elbahloul graduated from zagazig veterinary school on 1982 , by the end of the year he started working at Sadeik ElFalah company in KSA till the beginning of 1995.
In the same year he felt that he can break through the Egyptian market with his expertise in the field. So he started his own company “Golden Pharm” in Mansoura ,Egypt.
And due to his natural talent as a sales person he founded his company as a veterinary products distribution company. With himself and two other employees and a couple of vans he started distributing major brands in the Egyptian market like:
Pfizer (agency ).
– Alexandria Chemical Industries.
– Alarabya Chemical Industries.
– Amoun (agency ).
– Achma.
– seeds and vet products (distributor).

From 2000 till the moment

Then by the year 2000, due to the expansion of the distribution network, his company grew large to the extent that it became an exclusive distributor for many multinational companies like:
– Forte Dodge vaccines.
– Schering
– Biomeda

On 2007 Golden pharm received distribution rights for el Nasr company which was the brand name for the National Company of Chemical Industries till 2014. We also had the distribution rights for Adwia lines since 2016 till now.

The next milestone in our company’s history started in 2013, despite all challenges, the company’s biggest transition focused on the industry of it’s own house brand products and the beginning of the manufacturing era.
Our manufacturing plans include two major lines: poultry and large animals pharmaceutical products . Starting with two product in 2016, we now proudly manufacture ten products.


About Golden Pharm
Our main goal is achieving the best quality for the best price. We spare no effort to meet the international standards and always seek to deliver the ultimate quality to our customers. We seek the most updated guidelines for manufacturing starting from the active pharmaceutical ingredients to the packaging material to be on an equal level with the international products.
Our ambition is unstoppable, our vision focuses on taking the expansion to an international level looking forward to export our products.
Our Vision
We are passionate about animal health and the critical importance of serving animal health needs.

This comes from our deep and true belief that protecting the health of animals and environment is the best way to guarantee a better and a healthier future for mankind as the health of animal, people and the planet are inextricably linked.

Our Mission
Our mindset keeps us focused on fostering the health and the well-being of animal health through providing our customers with pharmaceutical products with the highest therapeutic value.

We strive to lead the pharmaceutical market by offering premium quality products with optimum price.

Since our founding in 1995 in Egypt we have grown rapidly.

Our aspiration now is to extend our activity internationally and to position Golden Pharm in the global market through targeting the Africa and the middle east area.

– We have aspiration to position our Golden pharma line as one of the top 10 players in the market.

– To be one of the most important exporters for the veterinary products.

– To be the most admired ethical company

With years of experience, we continue our Medication production with confident steps.